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Need more energy?

Get out, bring some friends go to see Ed a great comedian who will make you laugh, he'll help you forget your worries and you'll enjoy yourself. Forget life, troubles, work, family, friends, kids, enemies, politicians.... Feel better, enjoy yourself and revitalize! Want more Energy? Do what you love. Do you love to laugh? Then laugh come and join the crowd. You'll have more energy and enjoy doing the things you love!

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Engaging, informative topics that will brighten your day.

Stand-up Comedian

We need a laugh, everyday, ever few minutes these days...

Successful Actor

Movie, TV, Stage, or Commercial Work no Job is Too Big....

Are you frustrated with your life? Aren't we all?

Let Ed share his humorous life experiences with you

Humor is an emotional release of the day or your life's frustrations, conflicts, or problems.   Today with the state of the world and world leaders we all need a release.  Laughter can be that joyous release.  Plus most comedy clubs encourage drinking!


Success strategies for finding more joy, more happiness, in your life....

Ed is available to individuals and businesses with needs for laughter, humor and joy! He is delighted to bring his hilarious stories to you, from New York City to LA  Ed’s experiences have made many laugh and enjoy their time spent with Ed.

"Ed focuses on building trust and genuinely cares about helping others."

Chris Jakubiak
Owner Hustle Fitness

"Everything happens for a reason, meeting Ed is like Zen and he is always a delight."

Jodie Baudek
Owner of Essence of Life Yoga
Author of PSSST... Wanna Get out of your own way?
Radio Host

"Ed is humorous, insightful and always engaging. He openly and wholeheartedly shares so much knowledge with everyone he meets."

Dr. Tracy Brinkman
Salutogenesis, LLC, Chicago