Ed the Comedian

Experienced, certified, and creatively funny!

Ed’s life reads like the "Who’s Who" of fun with many opportunities to meet the unfortunate.  As a recovering catholic, Ed has bounced back from multiple episodes of anger, depression and rage, to find humor as his sanctuary.

Having experienced live theater from an early age and hours upon hours of TV and film, Ed has studied the best, harnessed the finest and developed a sense of his own that he brings to each show.

When Ed states “I am fucked up” that is the starting point for a life of fun, frustrations, humor, laughter and wonderment at the world we live in and share on a daily basis.

Having traveled the US and residing on both coasts, in Los Angeles and New York City, Ed brings a broad geographical experience to all he does. Ed returned to his home town of Chicago a few years ago - Chicago is the incubator of humor home to Zanies and of course Second City.  Having experienced, studied at and performed at these great training grounds Ed now brings his talents to you.

Through his years of exploration Ed has realized that his true passions are to help people through humor and laughter.

Ed loves humor and laughter. He finds that humor lightens most moments of sadness and sorrow. But what brings on sadness and sorrow? Lack of humor perhaps, so watch one of his 1 Minute Video’s or come out and enjoy a show.  Humor is all around us, but most importantly is must touch each of us, let the laughter roll, roll with the punches and enjoy the time we have.

Ed is also is a graduate of Columbia College with a degree in Theater.  His first love was musical comedy.  Now he focuses mainly on Comedy.